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A Colombian Kamentsá native, wearing a colorful feather headgear, takes part in the Carnival of Forgiveness, a traditional indigenous celebration in Sibundoy, Colombia. Clestrinye (“Carnaval del Perdón”) is a ritual ceremony kept for centuries in the Valley of Sibundoy in Putumayo (the Amazonian department of Colombia), a home to two closely allied indigenous groups, the Inga and Kamentsá. Although the festival has indigenous origins, the Catholic religion elements have been introduced and merged with the shamanistic tradition. Celebrating annually the collaboration, peace and unity between tribes, they believe that anyone who offended anyone may ask for forgiveness this day and all of them should grant pardons. - Copyright © 2014 Jan Sochor Photography

And then there was me…

Fresh Rainbow Bread

Homeboys Bakery, Los Angeles, CA


Sunrise at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Lars Leber Photography. 


I’m sorry I haven’t been on a lot recently as you can see I’ve been moving rooms and redoing it as well also I haven’t had much time to take photos and stuff so I’m sorry for that :( BUT march break is coming up and its still below zero where I live hahaaa -.-‘ Anyway here’s a jumbo box of floating sour keys for ya :D